Scottish Archery Strategic Plan 2017-2021

Our sport has to flourish over the next 4 years and beyond. Our strategy talks about how the sport resonates with archers, both current and future, and the impact our sport has in popular culture, performance sport and perhaps most importantly its ability to remove barriers and realise individual and club potential. 

Our strategy document illustrates how we will create a robust, welcoming and inspiring archery culture that helps Scotland make its mark in the world of performance sport. 

It is our people who are our biggest asset and we are committed to empowering and developing our employees and our volunteer workforce to truly “Make Sport Limitless”. 

I hope you can see from our Strategic Plan that we are embarking on an exciting and transformational journey for the sport of archery. We have some strong traditions that we are proud of and rightly want to keep at the forefront of our sport. We intend to maintain our flexibility and adaptability to ensure we assess and if necessary re-route our journey in order to achieve our participation, development and performance targets over the next few years.


Our 2017-2021 Strategic Plan is available in full here:


Scottish Archery Strategic Plan 2017-2021

Scottish Archery Strategic Plan 2017-2021


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