AGMs and Meetings

We hold regular meetings to ensure we are working towards our strategic targets.

Board Meetings

We hold regular meetings to ensure we are working towards our strategic targets. The Board meets every other month and alternates meetings between face to face and conference calls.  The minutes of these meetings are published so that the membership is kept up to date with what is happening. Please note it is standard practice to only publish minutes once they have been approved by the Board, this means the minutes published will be the previous month's minutes.

The Board encourage communication from its members and clubs are encouraged to email matters in to the Board that they want to bring to the Board's attention; so meeting dates are given in advance and an email reminder is sent to club secretaries.

You can contact the board through our administrator, Jacqui Dunlop – Email:

We do not publish our accounts here - if you would like a copy then please ask our administrator giving  your membership details


Annual General Meetings

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a formal meeting open to all the members of the organisation.  It is where we conduct our business including electing the Board of Directors, making important decisions regarding the organisation, and informing the members of previous and future activities.  Other general meetings may be held throughout a year, these are called Extra-Ordinary General Meetings but are only ever called if there is a pressing need for business to be conducted.


When are the AGMs held?

The AGM will be held in November or December each year.  Members will receive notice of the AGM at least 21 days in advance via the Scottish Archery website and through email to club secretaries.

Who can attend and vote?

All members can attend but only those who have reached the age of 18 can vote – every adult member has a vote.  A vote can be taken by a show of hands at the meeting.  It is up to those attending or the Chairperson to call for the proxy votes to be counted in.

What is a proxy vote?

If you are unable to attend the meeting you can appoint someone else who is attending the meeting to vote on your behalf, or you can send in your vote beforehand.  Details of how to vote by proxy will be included in the notification of the AGM paperwork.

You can leave your vote open for your proxy to decide or you can say how you want to vote on the form.  Votes that are not left open are counted before the AGM takes place and then added to the votes cast on the day to ascertain the outcome.

What business takes place at an AGM?

  •     Election of Board members
  •     Review of the company’s accounts
  •     Appointing an auditor for the accounts
  •     Review of the annual report

Once the formal business of the AGM has been concluded, other items can be discussed and members can raise any areas of concern or ideas they have.

We also present the annual Coaching and Volunteer awards to recognise all those who donate their time and effort to the advancement of archery in Scotland.


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