West of Scotland Archery Association

Just a reminder that a meeting is being held on Monday, 28th August at 19.00 at the sportscotland office inTempleton Business Centre,  62 Templeton Street, Glasgow G40 1DA to discuss the resurrection of the West of Scotland Archery Association .


For this meeting to be successful there will have to be a good turnout from clubs in the West of Scotland. In addition, a key outcome of the meeting will be a requirement to have an interim Chairperson, Treasurer and Area Secretary agreed, with an AGM being organised as soon as practical thereafter to ratify these and to attract further members to form a committee.


In order for us to ensure that there is enough space available can clubs please advise our administrator, Jacqui Dunlop: admin@scottisharchery.org.uk how many representatives of your club intend to attend the meeting. The meeting should last no more than one hour.


The meeting will be chaired by Michael Mather, Chief Operating Officer of Scottish Archery.


If you have any questions on this please also forward these to Jacqui.


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