Recruitment of a new Chair

As we need a Chair to operate effectively and we haven't been able to find anyone within the membership to volunteer for this role, we will need to extend our search more widely. It is therefore our intention to ask the membership to vote at the AGM to change the Articles of Association to allow us to have the potential for an independent Chair. We would then seek someone external to the membership of Scottish Archery to become our Chair. There are many benefits to our organisation by recruiting an independent Chair, as they would be able to provide the right balance of independent thought and leadership as well as subject matter expertise to strengthen the skills mix existing within the current Board. The official AGM paperwork detailing the changes required, will be out shortly. In the meantime, if there is a member of Scottish Archery who would like to take on the role as Chair, or even find out more about what the role would entail, please get in touch.


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