Recruitment of Chief Operating Officer

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Michael Mather as our new Chief Operating Officer (COO). As our current Chair, Michael will step down as Chair before taking on the COO role.

What the COO role will do
The COO role will report to the new Chair and will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for all Scottish Archery programs.
This means that they will take a more hands on role with driving our sport forward, planning and implementing new initiatives to grow our membership numbers, increase participation and create the space and support for developing performance archery. Even though the role is part time, the COO will be able to liaise with our strategic partners, such as sportscotland and Scottish Disability Sport who work during office hours, rather than asking them to meet with volunteer Board members out of hours.
The COO will also manage the Scottish Archery staff, of which we currently have two and will be recruiting more.
The COO will raise issues, challenges and suggestions to the Scottish Archery Board, who will make the final decisions on strategic matters.


For more information about the recruitment of the COO role and also what will happen regarding the Chair position, please see here

If any of our members have any questions regarding the appointment of the COO and/or the Chair position, please email admin@scottisharchery.org.uk.


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