Membership Reminder – Safe in Care Guidelines and Social Media Policies


The Board of Scottish Archery have noted concerns raised about a number of Social Media Posts through the Scottish Archery Facebook page over recent weeks which it is felt are close to breaching both the Safe in Care Guidelines and the Social Media Policy:






We would take this opportunity to remind all members of the importance of fully complying with these Guidelines and Policies and our broader Child Protection and Safeguarding Policies especially in respect of dealing with and corresponding with children (all of those under 18).


These Guidelines and Procedures are in place to protect all members and in particular those who may be most vulnerable through age or any protected characteristic.


In particular we would refer members to the Section of the ‘Safe In Care Guidelines’ – Information And Communications Technology (ICT) and Social Media (Page 12 of the Guidelines – section 1.2) and how this relates to communication with and about children and juniors.


In addition members are expected to comply with all aspects of the Social Media Policy in relation to fairness, courtesy and politeness.


Failure to comply with these guidelines and Policies could lead to action being taken under the Disciplinary Policy of Scottish Archery and in some cases may lead to the involvement of external agencies.



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