Board Roles Update

Interim Chair:  You will all be aware that an advertisement was published to recruit a new Chair from within the membership of Scottish Archery. Regrettably no candidates were forthcoming. One of our Independent Directors, Vincent Bryson, has very kindly therefore stepped forward to act as Interim Chair between now and the AGM in November. The post of Chair will be advertised for potential candidates to nominate prior to the AGM.

Director of Governance: After reviewing the current Board posts and taking account of the recent recruitment of staff, the current Director of Governance will take on a more Operational role between now and the AGM in November with the Chief Operating Officer taking greater responsibility for the Governance aspects of the Organisation.

Disability Officer: The current Disability Officer has decided to step down from this position. Scottish Archery is therefore looking for a volunteer to take on the post of Disability Officer to assist in further developing archery for those with disabilities across Scotland. If anyone is interested in this role, please email Admin@scottisharchery.org.uk

Disability Officer Role Profile


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