Western Area Archers

Message from Ged Laing  to Western Area Archers


Hello, archers in the West of Scotland, my name is Ged Laing, and I used to be a member of the last committee of the Association.  I presently aid Scottish Archery on events and competitions, and it working to try and increase archers attending more competitions at all levels.

And for that reason, I would like to introduce the concept of the most successful archery competition in Scotland.  The Ayrshire league has been running for over 40 years, and is currently held between 6 clubs. The extraordinary thing about this, we can have 80 archers of all calibres enjoying a day’s shooting.  I want to spread this successful formula to the rest of the West with the aim of having 3 or 4 leagues competing in the area.

To organise this, and also support archers better within the Western Area, I would like to hold a meeting, at the end of the final Ayrshire League match on 9th April at sportscotland’s Inverclyde National Sports Training Centre, Largs.   Plan is between end of shooting, and while the TO, put all the results together, we can discuss and elect a committee, with objective starting up again a committee to run the West Area.

So apart from the clubs involved in the Ayrshire league, it would be fantastic to get members from all the clubs in the West of Scotland to come along. 

There is money in the West Region bank account, and it should be used to help archery in our area. Anyone, that has the time and is willing to commit to resurrecting the West region, please come along, and we can get it started.

Goals: These are my goals, but the committee hopefully can come up with others.

  1. Elect a committee to organise an EGM, and elect a committee under the present constitution.

  2. Decide on a fee for the West Association.

  3. Look at setting up coaching days within the west area.

  4. Look at setting up 3 or 4 leagues for the indoors season 2017/18

  5. Have a regional finale at end of the season.

  6. Re-introduce an outdoor West Shoot (used to be west double Fita) and look into trying to incorporate a team competition for the West archers.

  7. Look to having again a regional team to shoot again in the pentangle competition.


If you would like to get involved but cannot make the meeting, please contact me.

Ged Laing

President and TO

Ayr Archery Club


07802 439 291


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