2016 Scottish Champions

67th Scottish Outdoor Senior Championships

Held on the 6th and 7th August and hosted by Ayr Archery Club, the Scottish Outdoor Target Champs was filled with drama and excitement.


The competition consisted of two WA1440 rounds with the total scores deciding the winners.


The first day saw good shooting conditions while on the second day the wind really picked up. The morning saw archers struggle to cope with the conditions and unfortunately after lunch and after only one dozen arrows had been shot, the Judges deemed the conditions unsafe to continue with the competition and canceled the shooting.


Scores taken up to this point were included and the Scottish Champions were presented with their awards.


Summary of Results:


Lady Recurve
1st - Johanna Meyer
2nd - Fiona Hirst
3rd - Kayleigh Ivanov


Gent Recurve
1st - Stuart Barby
2nd - Malcolm Alexander
3rd - Guy Matzkin


Lady Compound
1st - Stephanie Clason
2nd - Hope Greenwood
3rd - Kirsty Robb


Gent Compound
1st - Harrison Ooi
2nd - Pip Tuchnott
3rd - Alistair Whittingham


Lady Barebow
Steph Blakey
Gent Barebow
Stephen Havranek
Team Recurve Trophy  - EUAC
Johanna Meyer, Guy Matzlin, Roy Hotrabhvanon


The full results can be found in our Events Calendar.
Congratulations to our champions, and all those that took part.
Many thanks to Ayr Archery Club for hosting another well run competition.



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